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our story

Notorious Hipster

If shopping doesn’t make you happy then you’re in the wrong shop!

We are a fashion label born out of the concrete jungle of Auckland, New Zealand. Influenced by contemporary urban style and abstract street art, we aim to redefine the enigmatic image of the modern day ‘hipster’. Join the movement and find your own unique style through our massive selection of clothing. “Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.” — Alber Elbaz

Whether you are at a music festival or a house party, our apparel are a conversation starter. The bold and visually stunning designs are made to stand out from the crowd. They are made for those who step outside their comfort zones. Those who think outside the square. They are made for the trend setters; the ones that the rest of the World imitates. “Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.” — Alexander McQueen

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